NLEX Takes Part in IMN Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer's Virtual Forum

NLEX's Paul Banninger set to attend Information Management Network's (IMN) 2nd Annual Forum on March 31, 2021

With the everchanging influences of a global pandemic, it is important to learn the indicators of long-term change. Bankers around the globe are continuously developing new strategies to meet customer needs. Because of these ongoing changes, IMN is gathering banking experts virtually to discuss opportunities for distressed acquisitions and dispositions,  bankruptcies and receiverships. The forum will foster candid debate, meaningful professional connections as well as the exchange of market intelligence. 

IMN Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer's Virtual Forum

Customer Testimonials

Hands down, their expertise and their personnel is what I like most. If I make a mistake, or if I'm looking at something wrong, they absolutely will not take advantage of me. They watch out for me. I have great relationships. They are known in the industry and all very intelligent.

Merle Worsham
CEO, Galaxy Capital Acquisitions, LLC