Management Team

Dave Ludwig

Dave developed NLEX from its start as a post-RTC sales outlet to the nation's leading Loan Sale Advisor of charged-off credit card and consumer debt accounts. Considered a leading pioneer in the debt sales industry, Dave has been a featured speaker at dozens of industry conferences. He has been quoted in numerous publications including the New York Times, LA Times, Collections and Credit Risk, Collector Magazine, and serves as consultant and expert witness within the industry.

Since introducing NLEX to financial institutions in the early 1990's, Dave has supervised the sale of over 6,000 portfolios with face value of $200 billion. Dave has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Illinois, and has been in the financial services industry for 35 years.

Tom Ludwig
Compliance & Privacy Officer, Executive Vice President, NLEX Counsel

As Counsel and Executive Vice President at NLEX, Tom is responsible for all legal matters, and provides oversight of operational, compliance, and corporate strategy initiatives. Having been involved in thousands of portfolio sales representing billions of dollars in face value, Tom is proficient in rules and regulations impacting the purchase, sale and servicing of loan sale transactions across multiple asset classes. He is an active member of various industry organizations including ACA International (MAP member, Asset Buyers Division Committee 2014-2015, Fellow designation, Scholar designation), the Association of Corporate Counsel (Membership Committee 2012-2013, Illinois Creditor Bar Association, Madison County Bar Association, and DBA International. Tom is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Missouri, and is certified as a Credit & Collection Compliance Officer by ACA International. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a Juris Doctor from the Southern Illinois University Carbondale School of Law.

RMAI Certified Receivables Compliance Professional (CCCO) Info
CCO: Tom Ludwig
CCO Title: General Counsel
CRCP Number: P1604-1210
CCO Mailing Address: 10 Sunset Hills Professional Centre, Edwardsville, IL 62025
Consumer Education:

Van Millis
Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing

Van Millis has actively participated in over $20 Billion of debt portfolio transactions at NLEX. Van rejoined NLEX in September 2014 after spending over 4 years expanding his expertise and skill set on the collection attorney network and agency side of the ARM industry. He served as Director at Client Services, Inc. (CSI), a premier collection agency partner to 8 of the nation's top 10 financial institutions among other major creditors. Working with this highly sophisticated group of lenders exposed Van to the industry's leading compliance and performance philosophies. This experience also provided insight into how a leading industry player balances the demands of today's compliance environment while maintaining tier best performance. He joined CSI from the Performance Management division of TRAKAmerica, Inc., the industry’s foremost collection attorney network. While at TRAKAmerica, Van managed all facets of the collection litigation process for over $1.2 billion in receivables across 14 states and 35 collection attorney firms.

Van graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and later earned a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University.

Chris Jenkins
Senior Vice President - Sale Operations

Chris joined NLEX in 2004 and managed our Buyer Network for over a decade. After a three-year hiatus in real estate investment and consulting, he rejoined NLEX in 2017 to again lead the Buyer team. In August of 2021, Chris was promoted to Senior Vice President of Sale Operations, overseeing all aspects of the NLEX sale process. He has been intimately involved in the sale of over $31B of performing and charged-off receivables. Chris is an active member of industry organizations including the ACA ABD and the Receivables Management Association. He has served on various executive committees and is a regular speaker and panelist. Chris has contributed to numerous industry white papers and instructional guides. He works from the NLEX Denver office and is a licensed real estate broker.

Paul Banninger
Vice President - Sales

Paul joined National Loan Exchange in 2007 after spending over 30 years in the Mortgage Lending and Servicing industry. Widely considered an industry expert, Paul has held Senior Executive positions with many of the country's top financial institutions.

Prior to joining NLEX, Paul's positions included Vice President of Re Lending and Real Estate Collections and Senior Vice President of Sales, both positions for Household International. Other roles included Senior Executive Vice President of Wholesale and Retail Lending for Banc One Financial and National Sales Director at Wilmington Finance, a division of AIG. Paul’s cradle to grave experience in senior leadership roles within the Mortgage Industry is a key asset to sellers exploring various sale or service alternatives.

Paul is also a Six Sigma leader and holds a Real Estate license. Paul has also been a requested speaker at Distressed Mortgage Industry trade shows.

Glenda Kuerschgen
Contract Administrator

Glenda joined NLEX in 1998 as Contract Administrator. She has participated in over 1,000 contract negotiations and sale closings. Glenda serves as liaison between Seller and NLEX during portfolio preparation prior to marketing. She also serves as liaison between Seller and Buyer during contract negotiation, sale close and helps resolve any post sale questions. Glenda is a certified Paralegal.

Kristi Hammon
Assistant Vice President – Sales

Kristi is engaged in the Business Development department of National Loan Exchange, Inc. (NLEX), the nation’s leading loan sale advisor. She brings a unique background in logistics support and representation combined with a strong finance background to our clients. Her role with NLEX is focused on product development, working with creditors to determine the value of portfolios and advise the most effective marketing strategy. Her analytical approach offers creditors an objective means of reaching recovery goals.

Kristi holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Illinois State University.

Patrick Yungck
Vice President - Sales

Patrick joined NLEX in 2015 after a period of time spent in the Commercial Real Estate Investment sector. During this time he headed the acquisition and management of residential, retail, and office properties throughout Illinois, Missouri, and Colorado. Since joining NLEX, he has been involved in the sale of over $2.0 billion in charged-off receivables.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


Customer Testimonials

They make it easy to transact business. Having a relationship with an organization with people you like is always a plus. And as I mentioned, they've done a good job from a customer service perspective. They look out for our interests, the buyers' included.

Blaise Rodon
Chief Operating Officer, First Investors Financial